Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Educators Rising California is now accepting your submissions for our state competition!

Based on the feedback of our Educators Rising California members (that's you!), we have selected four categories for this year's state competition. The categories are:

1. Recruitment and Marketing Presentation
2. Lesson Planning and Delivery – STEM
3. Creative Lecture
4. Children’s Literature K-3 Competition

Thank you for your input and help selecting these categories. We hope you are as excited about the competitions as we are! For more information about the categories, including the rubrics, please visit the Educators Rising California website. All four categories are in alignment with the national competition, and the top five places in each of the categories will be eligible to enter the national competition. Please note that ALL STATE SUBMISSIONS MUST BE RECEIVED BY MARCH 1st TO BE CONSIDERED.

If you are interested in a national competition category where there is not an Educators Rising California competition, you can directly enter the national competition. Submissions for national competitions will be due on April 18, 2016. Find out more about the national competitions here.