Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Why should you participate in Speak Up?

Still trying to decide if your school/district should participate in Speak Up this year? Hear firsthand from past participants about why they Speak Up and why they think the annual surveys are important to their schools.

"Via Speak Up, I finally have data that is useful and meaningful; it is an amazing service that is provided to schools.   I can't wait to compare data from last year to this year to see how we've changed, how we've grown, etc.  It is an amazing planning tool."
—Milena Streen, St. Ignatius High School (OH)

"What impresses me [about Speak Up] is the attention to relevance in the national conversation and the level of local detail."
—Fran Glick, Baltimore County Public Schools (MD)

"Each year the Blue Valley School District administers the Speak Up survey to students to obtain insights into how students are using technologies throughout the learning process. Responses to the surveys provide evidence on the variety, frequency and types of applications where students use technologies."
—Kristy Sailors, Blue Valley School District (KS)

"One of [Speak Up’s] most helpful features was questions concerning professional development and how and what teachers wanted to learn.  Also, some of what parents are wanting from us."
—Lauren Woolley, Shelby County (AL)

"When used the first time, Speak Up data provides our schools with baseline data on a wide array of topics related to curriculum and technology. It helps us assess “where we are” and provides the data needed to plot a course of action designed to build upon this base. Future surveys in subsequent years are helpful in determining our success in meeting the perceived needs of our students, teachers and other stakeholders, including parents. Speak Up provides us with a realistic picture of our community and helps us prioritize our needs when it comes to technology and curriculum planning."
—Paul Caputo, Southern Columbia Area School District (PA)

"Participating in Speak Up provides individual building and district administrators with anonymous responses to a variety of topics. Themes included in the survey questions align with a majority of technology initiatives implemented by districts. The Speak Up survey allows school administrators to gauge the student’s access, use and need for additional classroom technologies and supports throughout the learning process."
—Dr. Kristy Sailors, Blue Valley School District (KS)

To read more testimonials from Speak Up participants, or to share your own Speak Up experience with us, visit http://www.tomorrow.org/speakup/speakup_in_action.html.